Main issues

Why is Keith running? He is running to get politics focused back on the people. What he does care about is the people in this state and the issues that matter to them. He is running to speak for those who aren’t given a voice.


Veterans have been shut out of Politics. We need to work to secure them healthcare that is fast and easy to access so that they are taken care of promptly


On any give night 16,000 Coloradans are homeless. We need to provide communitites that the homeless can live in and get support to help them get jobs and back on their feet.


Students of all ages deserve to have access to education that is fair and applicable to the current world. They need access to STEAM programs that help them to become successful in the Technology world. Teachers deserve better pay and support that allows them to teach properly in our schools.


Every American has a right to fair and equal healthcare regardless of age, sex, religion or race. They deserve to know what they are paying for and to know if they are getting the best care that they can. They should not be slaves to premiums.


We need sweeping immigration reform. We need immigration policy that allows for fair admitance to this country. We need to protect Dreamers and we need to ensure that our Asylum system is fixed so that those who need to seek asylum are able to do some promptly. We also need to create more border security jobs so that there are more trained officers at our borders.

Energy and Climate Change

This country needs to invest in sustainable energy. Colorado needs to invest in clean energy that allows those in the fossil fuel industry the chance to take jobs in clean energy that is comprable. We deserve to preserve this world for our children. We have to at this point acknowledge that Climate change is real. From there we can move forward and have a real converstation.